Create Codepipeline for Rails Project

This article is the continuation of Rails + Sidekiq + Docker Application for AWS (ECS, ECR, RDS, Codepipeline and more) complete series. For better understating, please start from the beginning of the series.


Our CI/CD process should be driven by any change in our Github repository branch. Codepipeline will be listening for a change in our code on github and initiate the CI/CD process.

Create CodePipeline

One more steps and our sweet CI/CD is done and dusted. Go to CodePipeline from AWS service tab and click on Create Pipeline

Step: Settings

Step: Source

Click on Connect to Github and select the repository and the branch like CodeBuild step.

Step: Build

We will simply select the Codebuild project we have created earlier.

Step: Deploy

We will choose Amazon ECS and Deploy provider followed by cluster name and the rails service we have – Pretty straight forward isn’t it

Final changes to CodePipeline

we will now open the same Codepipeline project we created for Rails. We intend to use the same Codepipeline project for Rails and Sidekiq deployment in parallel

Simply select on the Codepipline project and click on edit

Update Build stage

Now scroll down to the Build Stage and click on Edit

Change the names of following attributes.

Sidekiq Stage

Click on Add Action.

Once the window opens Do the following:

In the Project name, select the sidekiq Codebuild project

Don’t forget to hit Done

Update Deploy Stage

Rails Deploy Stage

Click on the edit Button of Deploy stage

Make the following changes to this stage.

Deploy stage for Sidekiq

Click on Add Action

Hit Done for this stage and then click on Save button top right corner. After Hitting Save, Now Click on Release Change button to test the whole process.

If for any reason, there’s a failure on any stage, you can click on the details and figure out the cause or let me know if I can help.


We’re done and the Misery is over

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