Rails + Sidekiq + Docker Application for AWS (ECS, ECR, RDS, Codepipeline and more) complete series

In this series of articles, we will create a rails application from scratch (you can also apply the same steps for an existing rails application)

Before I begin this series, I would like to give credit to Raphael Jambalos who wrote this amazing series of articles in More than “Hello World” in Docker: Build Rails + Sidekiq web apps in Docker. I have done a lot of learning from his work and have added few things of my own.

Now the due credit is done, let’s start.

There will be following articles in this series:

Before we Begin

Let me explain the bigger picture before we begin, Our first step is to setup a Rails + MYSQL + Sidekiq project on our local machine using Docker + Docker Compose.

Once our development environment is setup, we will then prepare AWS for our Docker based Rails website and Sideqkiq.

On AWS we will use AWS ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service) which is perfect for our Rails Docker project. From ECS we will use the following services:

Other than ECS, we will RDS and ElasticCache for MYSQL and Redis (for Sidekiq) respectively.

We will also use Load Balancers and Auto Scaling groups to scale up/down your website as per traffic demands.

Finally we will use AWS CodeBuild, CodePipeline for CI/CD process.

This series is for people who wants to deploy high traffic Rails website on AWS with CI/CD enabled.

Fasten your seat belts, Lets start !!!

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